Apartment Rental Agreement

Rental Application, Code of Conduct, & Rental Agreement

Christian Student Fellowship Mission
Christian Student Fellowship seeks to be a fellowship community based on the Word, bringing college-aged people into active and growing relationships with Jesus Christ, and providing opportunities to put faith into action through worship and service.

Purpose of the CSF Apartment:
The purpose of the CSF apartment is to help accomplish the above mission in a more deliberate manner for the residents of the house. The house does not exist simply to be “just a place to sleep” or a “cheap dorm,” nor is it simply a means to generate income for the organization. The purpose is that quality Christian ministry may be performed for and by the residents. This takes shape in three major forms:
1. Community – Residents in the CSF house should experience a unique living situation that is distinctly Christian, committed to emulating the first Christian community in principle and character described in Acts 2:42-47. The feeling we wish to promote between the residents is not one of mere cohabitation, but one of family – that not only do we live together, but we are a part of each other’s lives. Residents agree to promote this ideal.
2. Accountability – Residents who live in the CSF house agree to make themselves accountable for Christian conduct, living and spiritual growth to one another and the campus minister. Accountability is not for getting down on one another, but for encouragement, lifting one another up, and for helping each other to become more like Christ.
3. Ministry (Service) – Residents agree to exercise their gifts by being involved in the wider activities of Christian Student Fellowship. Activities planned allow residents (and other students) to grow in the use of their gifts and also to make a difference on campus and in the world.

Students who sign a contract to live in the Christian Student Fellowship house agree to uphold the purpose and pledge to actively participate in accomplishing the ideals described above.

Christian Student Fellowship Involvement
1. The Lessee should be aware that living in the house constitutes a commitment to the program and activities of Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) and this commitment is made most evident by weekly participation in the regular CSF meetings as well as other CSF social events or sponsored activities (mission trips, retreats, etc.) Of course, the Lessee is allowed the prerogative of participating in other campus activities or campus ministries, but his/her first allegiance should be to the program of CSF.

2. Lessees are required to attend at least 75% of Christian Student Fellowship meetings. Lessee agrees to attend any CSF meetings held in the house when present. If for some reason Lessee decides not to attend the meeting he/she must not be present on the premises or must not disturb the meeting in any way. Failure to attend meetings or having a negative attitude toward such may result in you being required to move out within seven days. Students are also vigorously encouraged to weekly attend an evangelical church of his/her choosing.

3. CSF receives funding each year from the Student Body Government. All funding from the SBG is used to provide scholarships for students for CSF activities (conferences, retreats, mission trips, etc.). In accordance with SBG regulations, CSF is required to have a representative at SBG meetings, generally held twice each month. Lessees shall be responsible for representing CSF at these meetings and reporting back to the Campus Minister and the students about any relevant business conducted at such meetings. Should CSF fall into “bad standing” with the NEO SBG because of too many absences from the meetings, the fee for reinstatement (currently $50) shall be subtracted from the deposit of Lessee(s), being divided among those who have missed meetings. Lessees and Campus Minister are to work out an agreement as to who will attend each meeting and, if they are unable to attend their scheduled meeting, Lessee will secure a substitute to attend in their place. Lessee us ultimately responsible for the attendance at such meetings.

Code of Conduct
1. Lessee agrees not to do or permit any act or practice injurious to the premises, which may be unreasonably disturbing to the other residents or neighbors in adjoining residences or which may affect the insurance risk factors on the building. Lessee agrees to comply with and procure the compliance of members of his/her family and guests with the occupancy rules and regulations contained herein or as changed or promulgated by Lessor upon notice to Lessee. Should violation of said occupancy rules continue following notification to Lessee, Lessee shall be required to vacate said premises if requested by Lessor.

2. Lessee understands that Lessor does not allow alcoholic beverages, possession of controlled substances not prescribed by a licensed physician or use of tobacco on the premises. Should Lessor find that Lessee or a Lessee’s guest(s) is in possession of and/or is using/has used said materials on the premises, this Agreement shall terminate within forty-eight (48) hours after notice thereof to Lessee, and Lessor shall exercise all remedies at law which are available to it.

3. Lessee understands that Lessor does not allow any sexually explicit materials on the premises or any sexual activity to be undertaken on the premises. This includes the following sexual items and activities: Acts with another person whether same or opposite sex, possession or display of pornography or sexually suggestive materials, phone sex, internet pornography, pornographic video or audio tapes, sexual toys, etc. Should Lessor find that Lessee or a Lessee’s guest(s) is practicing said activities or is in possession of said materials on the premises, this Agreement shall terminate within forty-eight (48) hours after notice thereof to Lessee, and Lessor shall exercise all remedies at law which are available to it.

4. Lessees are to respect the property of other Lessees. Do not use dishes, cooking equipment, electronics, etc. that belong to other Lessees without permission. Do not eat food that belongs to other Lessees without permission.

Fees and Schedules
1. Rent shall be $250 per month for the two bigger bedrooms. Rent shall be $225 per month for the small bedroom. Lessor is willing to adjust to Lessee’s schedule, providing Lessee is consistent with payments. Since we are operating on a school schedule that does not begin on the first of the month, the rental period is generally considered to begin with the date of occupancy and terminate on the same day of the month at the end of the period. (i.e. August 10 – May 10 might be your term rather than August 1 – May 31.) Rent is due on date of occupancy each month, unless other arrangements have been made. (We can work with your pay schedule if you let us know.) Rent that is more than 7 days late is subject to a $10 late fee. If this is not paid, $15 may be deducted from your deposit.
2. Rent may be paid monthly or per semester. Rent paid for the semester will be eligible for a $25 total discount, provided it is paid by the last day of the first rental month. Rent paid by the semester may be eligible for a discount of $5 per month for months paid in advance after any late fees are deducted for previous months.
3. A room deposit of $100 is required before a room key will be issued. An inspection of the room will be conducted before the Lessee moves in. Another inspection will be conducted after the Lessee moves out to inspect any possible damage. If there is no damage and the premises are clean, the deposit will be refunded within 30 days. If there is damage or if the premises are not clean, an assessed amount will be deducted from the deposit.

Visiting and Quiet Hours
1. Lessees are allowed to have visitors during visiting hours. The visiting hours are as follows: Sunday-Thursday 10 a.m.-12 a.m. and Friday-Saturday 10 a.m.-1 a.m. Members of the opposite sex are allowed upstairs and in the bedrooms according to the following conditions: BEDROOM DOORS MUST BE LEFT COMPLETELY OPEN AND LIGHTS ON. This is a privilege. If a problem persists, members of the opposite sex will not be allowed upstairs at all.

The reason for these rules is fourfold, and CSF asks you to understand and comply without complaint.
1) Liability. Should an incident occur in the house with a member of the opposite sex, the Lessor is not responsible. This rule protects us from a suit that may be filed by the guest or parents.
2) Temptation. This rule helps the resident to avoid any temptation to sin sexually that might arise in his/her bedroom. We acknowledge that rules don’t keep people from sinning sexually – that if a resident wants to have sex with someone, they will find a way to do it somewhere. But CSF doesn’t want this sin to be committed on these premises. And while some residents may claim not to be tempted in this area, experience has shown that many college students are.
3) Appearance of evil. In addition to not wanting sexual sin to occur on the premises, CSF doesn’t want the appearance of sexual sin. The Bible says to avoid even the appearance of evil (1 Thess. 5:22). CSF doesn’t want anyone to have reason to think, or wonder, that someone is participating in sexual activity in the CSF house.
4) Consideration of others. Other lessees share these quarters with you. They may not be prepared for guests of the opposite sex when exiting from their rooms or the bathroom.

2. Lessee agrees to observe the following quiet hours: Sunday through Thursday – 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday – 12 midnight to 9:00 a.m. This is to allow residents wishing to sleep that prerogative. During those times the Lessee agrees to be considerate of those sleeping. If Lessees use electronic equipment during quiet hours they are required to use reasonable volumes. If the volume of an activity or electronic device disturbs another Lessee, the offending Lessee may be required to cease the activity or use headphones.

3. If you have a friend or relative spending the night or staying past visiting hours, you must notify a campus minister in advance.

Out of consideration for one another and to help insure that the building does not become infested with vermin, the living quarters must be kept clean and reasonably neat.

1. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are required. (When using the CSF vacuum, be sure to adjust it properly to prevent the belt from wearing out prematurely and to provide maximum cleaning efficiency.)

2. The kitchen and living area are to be kept clean and uncluttered.

3. The bathroom must also be cleaned regularly including the shower, sink, toilet and floors.

4. Trash must be taken out regularly.

5. Dishes must be cleaned at least daily. (After each use is preferable as others may wish to use them.)

6. Lessees are responsible for cleaning their individual bedrooms and shall not permit them to become unsanitary in any way.

7. Lessees will share in cleaning responsibilities and should be able to work out an agreement on their own.

8. Each individual should practice good personal hygiene.

General Terms and Conditions
1. Lessor shall be responsible for providing gas, electric, water, sewer, and sanitation service.

2. The CSF telephone line may be used by residents with the following conditions and considerations:
a) it is first of all a business phone. Calls placed during normal “business hours” should be kept reasonably short.
b) long-distance calls are not to be billed to CSF. Phone cards are available from local retailers.
c) any abuse or conflict resulting from the use of the CSF line may result in removal of this service.
d) Lessee may opt for the installation of a private line at Lessee’s own expense and after notifying Lessor.

3. Lessor will provide stove, refrigerator, beds, kitchen table and chairs as standard furnishings.

4. Microwave oven, couches, washer, dryer, desks, cable TV, internet service, telephone service, TV, VCR, dishes, kitchen utensils, and other furnishings are not provided as a standard part of the rental agreement. Provision and use of these items is a privilege that may be revoked or suspended if abuse or neglect of such should occur. Deposits may be used or additional fees required if necessary to replace or repair items damaged by abuse or negligence.

5. Laundry facilities, when provided, are for Lessee use only and are not to be used to do the laundry of those other than Lessees. They are on first come, first served basis. When your laundry is finished, remove it so others can use the washer and dryer. Be sure to clean the lint filter prior to each use of the dryer.

6. The mailing address of Lessee shall be 135½ I Street NE. Please be sure to notify ALL PARTIES sending mail to you of this address.

7. Lessee will make no change of any nature in the premises including redecoration (painting, wallpaper, etc.), substitution of locks, or removal of furnishings, unless approved by Lessor.

8. Lessee understands that basic furnishing are the property of the Lessor and that furnishings may be supplemented by the Lessee provided that no damages result to the premises from said supplementation. No water beds are allowed.

9. Lessee shall not use CSF disposable supplies, food items, drinks, etc. without prior permission. This includes cups, plates, napkins, dinnerware, paper towels etc. Lessor will provide toilet tissue and trash liners.

10. Pictures, posters and other decorations must be mounted using approved mounting devices. Ask a campus minister for the appropriate materials. Also, Christian Student Fellowship reserves the right to require Lessees to remove any decorative items deemed inappropriate.

11. Lessee is required to keep a clean mattress pad on his/her bed.

12. Pets are not allowed.

13. Christian Student Fellowship, its Board of Directors and staff reserve the right to conduct unannounced inspections.

14. Unlicensed or inoperative vehicles are not permitted storage on the property.

15. Christian Student Fellowship, its Board of Directors, and staff are not liable for the personal property of Lessees. Property left 30 days after a Lessee moves out will be disposed of.

16. Christian Student Fellowship maintains insurance on its property. However, the personal property of Lessees is not covered by this insurance. If Lessee desires Renters Insurance, it must be acquired by the individual Lessee.

17. The common areas of Christian Student Fellowship are open to be used by all students, including Lessees. Extra activities are encouraged, but should be cleared with the Campus Minister to make sure no scheduling conflicts occur.

Other Responsibilities of Lessees
1. Because of the affordable rent, part of the Lessee responsibilities include weekly cleaning of the downstairs restrooms, computer lab, meeting room and lounge area. The toilets/urinal, floors, sinks and mirrors are to be cleaned in the restrooms. The restroom trash is to be taken out. The meeting room, computer lab, and lounge area are to be vacuumed. The computer monitors in the computer lab and the TV in the lounge area are to be cleaned with glass cleaner. Lessees are responsible to divide the work up evenly, either on a rotating basis or sharing weekly duties. If, for some reason, the kitchen is used by lessee(s), it must be cleaned immediately after use.

2. Lessees are required to lock the downstairs outside doors and make sure that lights are turned off downstairs either at the end of visiting hours or before retiring for the evening, whichever comes first.

3. Lessee understands that CSF operates on the donations of generous individuals and churches. Supporters may be offered tours of the building, including the apartment, at various times. The privacy of Lessees will be respected when conducting such tours. Bedrooms will not be opened without prior permission, but the common area of the apartment will be open for tours. All areas will be open at certain times (Annual Banquet, open houses) with advance notice. Prospective students may also be given tours at certain times.

4. In order to be good stewards of the Lord’s resources, Lessees are encouraged to turn off lights, televisions, appliances, etc. when not in use.

5. Every student living at CSF must re-apply for occupancy each year. All applications must be turned in by June 15th. Applications will be reviewed and a decision made by July 1st concerning the residents for the coming school year. Current Lessees who will not be staying for the next year will be required to move out on or before July 31st unless other arrangements have been made.